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New Authorize.Net Certified Solutions

We are pleased to announce that the following products recently completed all requirements to be listed in the Certified Solution Directory


Subscription DNA

Subscription DNA's powerful enterprise platform excels in cloud billing automation,  subscription management and membership paywalls. With robust reporting and  communication tools you can instantly  manage any aspect of your subscription  business. Its flexible API and sample code  allows for fast integration and the company’s support can customize to fit any solution.



Doubleknot’s innovative cloud-based software delivers measurable results for nonprofits and other mission-based organizations. Its integrated solutions help promote awareness, increase participation, and grow revenue so you can focus on what really matters: delivering your mission.



EZRentOut is a leading online equipment rental software trusted by businesses worldwide. It helps businesses improve their turnaround time, enhance staff productivity and increase rental utilization. EZRentOut is a full-featured rental solution that includes an online storefront and POS, enabled through Authorize.Net.

Administrator Administrator

I may not understand you properly, but they have items that are based on quantity. I can select and send to the customer an item on a subscription managementrecurring invoice and quantity of the item.

What I do is send invoices repeatedly. I get their card processed the next day if I have a customer set up on the auto payroll. I have my accounting assistant to return to the customer each week and match the transactions and mark them if a card is declined.

If that doesn't make sense, I can send you screenshots. I'm so sorry on my cell if it's difficult to understand. Send only a PM to me.