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Question from One of Your Certified Credit Card Processor

Hello, I belong to one of Authorize.Net's list of Certified Processor Connections.


Because we are a direct processor (no ISO or middleman) we are able to keep our merchant's processing rates very competitive and attractive. We also have revenue generating referral programs for Affiliates and Developers. I see many questions from Affiliates regarding trying to create increased revenue streams like increasing transaction rates (which you don't allow).


My question: Is it appropriate for me to answer Processing Platform related questions in this forum? And if so, what is the proper format for answering questions? I would not want to wear my welcome out in such a great informative forum! Can I include links out of the forum to pertinent information?









Hello CardPaymentGuru,


Welcome to the community! It's good to have you. Thanks for posting your questions--I'll be happy to answer them.


The Developer Community's goal is to provide peer-to-peer support. As such, we don't allow the use of the community for commercial use, solicitation or sending spam. Our community members want a place they can come to where they don't feel they are being sold to by random people. So we included verbiage to protect them from that in our Community Guidelines.


But questions do often arise, and if and when they do, you are free to answer them. However you need to be sure that you're not trying to sell something or solicit business. If you do, you will run the risk of your post being reported by other members. What we've seen that works best, is to answer the person's question with general information and then refer them to the appropriate certified directory, which does ultimately benefit you as you are in it, but still makes the community member feel they are not being outright sold to. For instance, members often come here simply wanting to hire someone for dev work. Most members will respond saying that there are plenty of people who can help and then they provide a link to our Certified Developer Directory. If someone were to respond offering their services or saying "contact me" or something similar, then that post could be in violation of our community guidelines.


Anyway, hope that helps! Again, glad to have you and I hope you'll find this forum helpful!





Developer Community Manager

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Awesome! Thanks for the quick and clear answer. I got it!


The info shared here is invaluable. I've been in the industry for some time, but here the challenges and solutions of real-world issues are second to none.

This stuff will put me in a different league in my own industry!


Thanks so much!