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Customer - Payment Profile creation - it charges $1.00 for authorization - some questions

Hello all!
Well, I have my sandbox account and some testing credit cards.

I use the opaque to create customer profiles and payment profiles (<createCustomerProfileRequest>, <createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest>).


The issue: it charges $1.00 the cards for authorization during the creation of the profiles.

Question: in production mode, does this amount refunded automatically?


I want to info you also that I have set <validationMode>testMode</validationMode> for the above <create>Requests but it still charges the credit card the authorization amount of $1.00. Is that normal?


From doc:

Use testMode to perform a Luhn mod-10 check on the card number, without further validation. Use liveMode to submit a zero-dollar or one-cent transaction (depending on card type and processor support) to confirm the card number belongs to an active credit or debit account.

We just need to improve the final user experience :)


Any idea from the API experts? :)