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I am  excited to announce  our  Authorize.Net Developer Campaign "Hello World" is now LIVE at


We know Developers do not want to be played. They want authenticity. They want facts. And they want to be heard. In this campaign, we play to all these wishes—boldly, but humbly.

We reinforce that we value their expertise, their knowledge, and their skills. Not only did we listen, we delivered. 





At Authorize.Net, we're continually enhancing our toolset, so developers can easily set up a payment solution to meet merchants' unique needs.


For a play-by-play on all the ways we've advanced our tools to help you up your game, get our free Developer Playbook, and discover:


  • Accept.js JavaScript library for easy payments
  • Webhooks for automated notifications
  • Streamlined APIs for easier integration
  • OAuth for easy authentication and account log in
  • Better SDKs and Sample Code for easier implementation
  • True Sandbox capability for better transaction testing  

Also check out our Payment Assets at 





We are also planning for future Developer webinars and meetups  to have more interactions with our developers . So stay tuned !!!


Please reach out to me  at developer_feedback@Authorize.Net   for  any  feedbacks .











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