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Today we are announcing a new Fraud Management API plus other enhancements to help you with your payment solutions.

Fraud Management API

Our new Fraud Management API is now available, providing programmatic access to transactions held for review by the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS)™.  Use the Fraud Management API to return a list of transactions held for review, and then approve or decline those transactions. Webhooks notifications for AFDS transactions will be available in early 2017.

Learn more in the API Reference at


Default Payment and Shipping Profiles

You can now set a default payment and shipping profile for your customers, helping to simplify the checkout process by allowing them to use their most common profiles automatically.

In a future release, we’ll add the ability to charge a customer profile’s default payment and shipping profiles by including only the Customer Profile ID in the request.


Reporting API Pagination

Pagination and sorting is now available for getTransactionList and GetUnsettledTransactionList, enabling you to build more powerful and flexible reporting solutions.


Get Merchant Details

This new API method allows you to retrieve details about a payment gateway account that were previously only available through the Merchant Interface or that required calling Authorize.Net support. Some of the new fields include:

  • Payment gateway currency
  • supported payment cards
  • supported transaction types
  • processor information

Check out the full documentation now at


Add New Payment Profile During Create Transaction

When using createTransactionRequest, you can now specify a Customer Profile ID, include the payment details and a new payment profile will be added to that Customer Profile.

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