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Hi All , 


Happy to announce we have added Visa Checkout support in our Accept Hosted forms . 


Visa Checkout makes paying online easy and more convenient for cardholders. It delivers  safe, simple, speedy online shopping checkout. Merchants can build Visa Checkout into their platform, making it simple for them to offer a quick, convenient checkout process to shoppers on every device to drive growth.Enrolled users don't have to fill out their credit card number or billing address, meaning they can check out in as few as two fields thanks for Visa Checkout’s streamlined experience.  



Enabling the Visa checkout option for Accept Hosted is quick 2  steps as below 



1) Enroll Visa Checkout for  your Authorize.Net account using the link .


2)Pass the new VisaCheckout setting fields in the parameter settings within the hostedPaymentSettings element of the getHostedPaymentPageRequest API call for Visa checkout apikey.




hostedPaymentVisaCheckoutOptions {"apiKey":"Your Visa Checkout API key","displayName":"DISPNAME","message":"MESSAGE"}



For more details visit our Developer Guide for Accept Hosted. 


Happy Coding . 




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