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Have you ever noticed how many companies will certify you to be something and give you a “cool” badge or logo to place on your site? Do you then ever find yourself asking, does this really add value or am I just going through the motions because everybody else does? I think we have all asked ourselves or our marketing teams these types of questions.

As you may know Authorize.Net has a Certified Partner program which bucks the trend and adds quantifiable value to your company. What makes our program unique? Well, let me give you a little background to help you understand. Authorize.Net is one of the most trusted brands in the payments industry and we currently have more than 330,000 active merchants. Many of these merchants look to Authorize.Net for guidance and recommendations on shopping cart providers, web developers, mobile payment solutions and hosting partners. Since Authorize.Net does not recommend one company over another, we direct interested merchants to our Certified Partner Directories.


A great feature of the program is that we don’t act as a middleman between you and a potential merchant. A potential merchant can click on your link and be taken to whatever page you choose. This allows you to control how your solution or services are presented to the merchant. In addition, since you host the page you are free to run analytics to evaluate the number of leads coming to your site and determine methods to increase conversion.

Here are a few other compelling benefits to consider:

• No cost to join-ever!

• New lead source for your business

• Leads are free and qualified

• Solution validation through testing process

• Advance notice of upcoming products/services and enhancements

• Cool logo to place on your site


The Certified Partner program is easy to sign up for and there is no cost or long-term obligation. We have designed the program to eliminate major roadblocks and invite all to sign up. Check out the requirements here: and sign up today! What are you waiting for?


Alex Burgin