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Posts from employees, community members and experts about integrating with the Payment Gateway: sample code, tutorials, and problem-solving techniques, just to name a few.

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Mobile Payments and Security

Mobile payments are all the talk these days, but what security hurdles need to be overcome?

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API or SDK, what is the difference?

In the world of development, it’s easy to get confused by the differences between these two. It is not uncommon to see some companies provide you an SDK and call it an API. Read on for a brief definit...

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Refunds in Retail - A user-friendly approach using AIM

In retail merchant software (like our Credit Card Terminal app), exposing the AIM void and credit actions directly to the user is a poor choice. I'll talk about why and propose an alternative "unified...

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Relay Response Basics and Troubleshooting

Relay Response is a useful tool for customizing your own receipt page and handling transaction information. Here we’ll talk about some basic troubleshooting tips.

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HTTP Headers to Help Secure Your Website

Security is important for any website, doubly so for ecommerce websites as accepting payments makes any website a tempting target for hackers. In this blog post we show some simple HTTP headers your w...

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Precision Math with PHP

Handling dollar amounts isn't as simple as adding two numbers together. PHP, and other programming languages, have limitations to how precise they can be. This blog post will show you how to do precis...

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Ever wondered whether you should use CIM or ARB for recurring transactions? You're not alone. Check out the differences between the two here.

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The Authorize.Net .NET SDK for AIM

There have been a lot of changes to .NET over the last few years and I'm pleased as punch to see the new Authorize.Net SDK take advantage of these changes.

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Take Payments Quickly using the Java SDK

The Authorize.Net API's are powerful and feature-rich, and the Java SDK which sits on top of them can get you up and running quickly and easily.

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Direct Post Method (DPM)

Update: We have deprecated the Direct Post Method (DPM) integration method. We no longer update or support this method. Please see our Upgrade Guide for more information and recommended upgrade path.

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