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cyber attack on my E-com store

HI, I am James, running an E-com store using the WordPress CMS. I am taking orders daily from 20 to 50. a few days ago I realized someone want to access a WordPress login. because when I try to login into my account it shows an error and asks to rese...

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"Merchant status is not set to live for production system or is not set to live, test, or eval for the test system. Contact CyberSource support."Could you please assist here with the correct support team?

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Testmode and Validation Field settings

We are setting up our test connection to our ERP, Acumatica and a question popped up about the Testmode and Validation field settings after entering our sandbox credentials.We wanted to confirm if the TESTMODE and VALIDATION fields are set properly t...

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A PHP integration for Authorize

A PHP integration for Integrating payment integration for my website Ball Arena Food. Integrate rally from point http// I'm trying to integrate the rally withAuth...

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