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An overview of what the SOAP API can do for AVS transactions


In the past, everything has worked fine with Cybersource, but I would like to see if I can settle an AVS transaction using the SOAP API. Transactions related to AVS can be viewed in the Cybersource Business Center. The transaction can be settled from that view. What is the purpose of the SOAP API?

My staff won't have to log into two systems because I'm integrating Cybersource with our CRM. By integrating the CRM, they will be able to process all transactions through it. My ability to create custom reports would be enhanced by the fact that I will store the transaction data on my end as well. According to the AVS report, transactions should be able to be "settled" like those in Cybersource Business Center.


I found this document helpful in creating my own SOAP API integration: /omeglevoojio

The fieldnames for CyberSource's "Simple Order API" are the same as the ones you need to use for the "SOAP Toolkit API". So, in order to settle a an authorization that failed its AVS check, you simply need to provide the authorization request ID to settle it like you would any other authorization. Do this in the ccCaptureService_authRequestID field along with all of the other required fields. As long as the authorization in question has an authorization code, you should be able to settle it.