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Automating & reconciling credit card fees and gateway recommendations

We use Cybersource which is integrated well with NS but we have to log into their system daily and reconcile CC and Amex transactions and their associated fees. Wondering if anyone knows if we can bring theses transactions into NS through their API? Is this possible? We have to do the same for PayPal but the good thing about PayPal is they take their fees out same day where as with Cybersource it takes 1-2 full days to get their fees and reconcile them.

If there isn’t a way to bring this data in, are there any recommendations on gateways that automatically calculate the fees so we can reconcile these transactions easier?

Our ecommerce system is Magento and customer data flows back and forth through Celigo. Definitely clunky and often there are errors. Just trying to find a better solution to reconciling these fees and transactions.


Looking for the same solution as we are using the cybersource for athens physical therapy. But due to these thing which you mentioned I am looking for the alternative way so that we could reduce our fees and make the process easy.


Recurring billing is easy to handle and offload to a third party if your recurring amount is constant (e.g. the amount a user pays never changes in amount or frequency). Services like Authorize.Net's Automated Recurring Billing (ARB  /echatspin) and Paypal Payflow Pro recurring billing /echatrandom allow you to have those companies handle the actual recurring payments which means you don't have to store credit card information on your servers or even do anything once the subscription is created through their APIs.

If your subscriptions will vary in terms of cost or frequency, you'll need to use a service like Authorize.Net's Customer Information Manager (CIM) to create payment profiles for your customers. Basically you're storing credit card information on Authorize.Net's servers and whenever you want to make a subscription payment you tell Authorize.Net to charge the amount due to that payment profile. The drawback to this is you essentially have to build your own subscription system.