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Create Payment Profile from transaction

I have a form to client my client's credit card information which includes a "Save Card" option for future purchases. When creating the transaction, I am using the createProfile option in the createTransactionRequest to create the Customer and Payment profiles if the client has selected the "Save Card" option on the payment form. This is working well and both Customer and Payment profiles are being created properly.

However, if they add a second payment method, either credit card or bank, the new payment method is not being saved as a new Payment profile. The transaction is working fine, it is just not creating the profile for future purchases. It appears that the createProfile option is only working when no Customer profile exists. I cannot find any options in the createTransactionRequest method to add a new Payment profile to an existing Customer profile, is that correct? Is there no way to do this within thecreateTransactionRequest call? Do I instead need to run a separate createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest request after thethecreateTransactionRequest request is complete in order to add the additional Payment profile?