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Cybersource Bot/Cawler Attack ?

Just wondering if anybody knew any info on this. It seems like a client got attacked by a bot and sent many $0 authorizations. How could this happen, does that person need to know the API key to make external API calls? Is that person using a session or token? A little mind boggled right now on how they'd be able to do that.

Both developers guides found on

Describe the same way to format the data obtained through google pay. They however describe different ways to format the request.

1) Set the encryptedPayment_data field to the value of the
encryptedMessage field that was returned in the Full Wallet 

2) Set the paymentSolution field to 012. 


2) In the authorization request under the paymentInformation 
object, set the key field under the fluidData object to the 
Base64-encoded value obtained from the Google Pay blob.

3) Under the processingInformation object, set the 
paymentSolution field to 012.

I'm using the I tried the fluidData way since I couldn't find reference of an encryptedPayment field reference in Simple Order API but it's not working.