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Difference between org ID or merchant ID

We have been integrating device fingerprinting and the script requires both the org ID and the merchant ID.


<script type="text/javascript" src="<org ID>&session_id=<merchant ID><session ID>"></script>

I can not find any good explanation of what this org ID is, and what the merchant ID is.  To me it seems like the merchant ID is the same value as the Account ID in the dashboard, and the org ID is the same as the Organization ID on login, which in my situation are actually the same.

The documentation on this is pretty useless

<org ID>: To obtain this value, contact your CyberSource representative and specify
to them whether it is for testing or production

<merchant ID>: Your unique CyberSource merchant ID.





Hi @cbetta ,

Apologies for any delay in responding.  You're correct in that the MerchantID and AccountID when login into the business centre are the same, however for the OrganizationID in this context it solely refers to the our identifying organisation used for Device Fingerprinting which based on the code excerpts above you're referring to.  I cannot post these publicly but can send them to you in a direct message


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