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Implementing 3D Secure using CyberSource REST API

I'm adding a support of CyberSource to our system and just got new requirement about 3D Secure support.

I've already implemented some flows using CyberSource REST API:

I'm a little bit confused, because I can't find any information about implementation of Payer Authentication in conjunction with the REST integration. All I found is the documentation for Simple Order API and SCMP API.

Am I missing something? Am I supposed to use any of the aforementioned docs or there is some separate document for REST API? Or I should use different integration method instead of REST?


I'm looking for is a guide on how all the parts are put together, all their other older implementations seem to have PDF guides demonstrating the different flows of the Simple echatspin API but I can't find anything for REST. I know at the end I should using the example of "Authorization with Payer Auth Validation" via this link Payer Auth API Ref but I need to be able to test everything, and know what properties I need to use on which API call or share between API calls.

At this time there is not a guide for the REST API that has the complete picture. Instead you have to use the SOAP API guide here SOAP Guide  echatrandom. See Chapter 2 within that guide. Where that guide references SOAP API calls replace them with the REST API calls. It's not ideal but that is all that is available.


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