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Organization ID vs Merchant ID (Sample API Project)

I'm brand new to CyberSource, so please pardon my stupid questions. I'm attempting to navigate the sample projects from the GitHub page.  I've downloaded the master zip file, copied the sample.xml file to the bin folder, and started to edit the necessary values in the app.config and XmlSample.exe.config.  However, the very first key in the config is asking for the Merchant ID.  I have an Organization ID from when I set up the account, but that's all I've got- they're not the same thing, are they?

I tried running XmlSample.exe with my Organization ID in the config, and I just get back a generic "Your order was not approved".  And even though I set cybs.enableLog to True in the config and gave it a local log directory, I don't get anything in there- just the above message in the console.

What am I doing wrong here?