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PayPal Express processing integration and Sap B1.

Hlo SAP Community,

Does anyone have any experience integrating PayPal with SAP B1 through tokenization?

To simplify things, we are looking to use SAP B1 as the OMS, IMS, ERP and CRM tool.

Front end (website) payment processing would be done through, cybersource, braintree (or some similar processor) AND PayPal.

During the order check out a 72 hour hold would be placed on the order. That information then spits out from the front end to the payment processor and the OMS (in this case SAP). SAP takes that information and relays it to the warehouse. The warehouse ships it and sends a shipping confirmation back to SAP. SAP then relays that information back to the front end and the payment processors (separately).

Two part issue I see with this personally. PayPal does not hold funds when charging customers (I believe; I have to do some digging on this). I'm not sure if that gives us the legal freedom to pre-charge (I would have to check on this).

More importantly my main question is; are there any pre-existing tools that integrate PayPal Express transactions into SAP B1? We could obviously develop a custom solution but the client is looking to save money and I am trying to help them if possible.

Thanks a lot!