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Payment getting declined Cybersource HOP

I am able to successfully redirect user to Cybersource payment gateway. But after filling out all the details, I am getting an error "The request data did not pass the required fields check for this application: [Bill_address1, bill_city, bill_country, customer_email, customer_lastname]". This is resolved when I change the Secured Acceptance settings from the Cybersource account and allow the user to enter the billing details. But I want to send this details to Cybersource as user is already entering this details in the website. I added the fields in hidden fields and have also mentioned them in signed_field_names and have used them also in generating the signature. Till I am getting this error. Am I passing this fields in wrong way? 

Also is there any way to pass custom attributes which I get back in return from Cybersource after payment processing?

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