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Restrictions to using the Cybersource API

Hello everyone! Are there any limitations or restrictions to using the Cybersource API in certain countries or regions?


I have never face this kind of issue. Are you using vpn?

There are several restrictions to using the CyberSource API, including:

CyberSource account: To use the CyberSource API, you must have a CyberSource account. This requires a credit check and approval from CyberSource.

API credentials: You will need to obtain API credentials, including a merchant ID and transaction key, from CyberSource. These credentials are used to authenticate your API requests.

API rate limits: CyberSource imposes rate limits on API requests to prevent abuse and ensure system stability. The rate limits vary depending on the type of API call and your account level.

Data security: CyberSource is PCI-compliant and requires that all API requests be made over HTTPS. You must also ensure that any sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, are encrypted and stored securely according to industry standards.

Country restrictions: CyberSource may restrict access to its API depending on the country you are located in. Some countries may not be eligible for CyberSource services.

Use case restrictions: CyberSource may also impose restrictions on the use cases for which its API can be used. For example, certain types of transactions may be prohibited or require additional authentication or verification.

It's important to review the CyberSource API documentation and terms of service carefully to ensure that you understand and comply with all restrictions and requirements. GolfsGuru  Failure to comply with CyberSource's policies and guidelines can result in account suspension or termination.


There are a few restrictions to using the Cybersource API that you should be aware of:

Authorization: You need to have an authorized Cybersource merchant account to use their API. This involves going through a verification process to ensure that you are a legitimate merchant.

Compliance: You need to comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to data protection, privacy, and security when using the Cybersource API. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in penalties and legal action.


Yes, there may be limitations or restrictions to using the Cybersource API in certain countries or regions. Cybersource is a global payment gateway service, but there are some countries where it may not be available due to legal or regulatory restrictions. Additionally, some countries may have limitations on the types of transactions that can be processed through the Cybersource API. It's important to check with Cybersource or a knowledgeable legal expert to determine if there are any restrictions or limitations for your specific use case and location.