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SuiteScript Native Features to Reverse a Credit Card Auth?

I have a question regarding credit card payments on SOs. My understanding is native Netsuite functionality will automatically send a reversal request to the credit card processor when a SO is canceled.

Our company has a need to write a customization that will find all SOs that are at high risk of not fulfilling within 7 days (VISA compliance) and perform a credit card REVERSAL on those SOs WITHOUT canceling the SO. The direction we may take is a MR that will locate the at risk SOs and perform that REVERSAL on the credit card auth. My question is regarding programmatically being able to use any Netsuite native features to make that REVERSAL call. We use Cybersource today. For our MR solution, do we have API access within Netsuite to leverage the REVERSAL of the credit card auth on the SO without having to cancel the SO?

Our other option is to write a custom REST API that will integrate with Cybersource's API to perform the auth reversal. Then from the Netsuite MR, we could call that REST API. Trying to avoid buidling a custom REST API if Netsuite has a native feature we could leverage.