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Does SuiteScript support reversing credit card authorizations?

The payment of SOs by credit card raises a question for me. In Netsuite, reversal requests are automatically sent to credit card processors when SOs are canceled.

There is a requirement for our company to write a customization that will identify all SOs that will not be fulfilled within 7 days (VISA compliance) and reverse the credit card on those SOs without cancelling them. MR may identify at risk SOs and revert the credit card authorization for those SOs. The question I have is whether I can call REVERSAL programmatically using any Netsuite native features. Cybersource is our current software provider. Is Netsuite API accessible so we can reverse credit card authorizations without canceling SOs for our MR solution?

To reverse authentication, we can also write a custom REST API that integrates with Cybersource's API. Using Netsuite's REST API, we can call it from the Netsuite MR. Rather than developing a custom REST API, we can use one built into Netsuite.