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Tactical Breaching Tools in USA: Breaking Barriers

The biggest challenge in defeating evil or accomplishing a life-saving mission in an EOD operation are the solid barriers like doors, windows, or any other hindrance in the mission path. The military, police, and emergency services use breaching tools to break closed or locked doors or windows.


The high-quality entry tools as available on many EOD Website companies in the USA and that too at affordable prices. There is a varied range of door breaching tools as per the plan of action, the intensity of the barrier, and the process followed to break the door.


Mechanical breaching is a method to break the doors by the use of EOD lock picks, hydraulic system, pry bars, etc., which causes very less harm to the doors. In ballistic breaching, the defence commanders use weapons such as buckshot and birdshot which are short-range projectiles that disperse completely after penetration. 


Explosive breaching is accomplished to break the doors made with high-strength material. It is done utilizing explosives under the supervision of a qualified breacher, ensuring safety and localization during the explosion. 


Then there is an advanced method of breaking the doors ie, thermal breaching, which involves the use of a cutting torch to cut the metallic doors. Oxy-fuel welding and Oxy-fuel cutting are the two types of thermal breaching undergone by melting and cutting the metal respectively.


Besides the use of breaching tools, door breachers are also required to be equipped with safety gear like helmets, hand gloves, ballistic blankets, ballistic shields, etc., to avoid any sharp hit during the mission.