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The system cannot find the file specified Error Message


I have a .Net website (not a Web Application) project running in framework version 4.6.2

My implementation of the Cybersource simple order api works correctly on the development machine. However when i deploy my website to stage or product i receive the error The system cannot find the file specified when attempting the following code below.

NVPClient.RunTransaction(_cyberSourceConfig, request);

I have checked that the keys are valid. The _cyberSourceConfig contains the correct Currency, MerchantId, KeyFile, Key Directory and the locations are valid within the file system.

Check that the following DLL's are included within the projects bin directory

I have also checked that the following DLL's are in my projects bin directory.


_cyberSourceConfig consists of the the following

private CyberSource.Clients.Configuration _cyberSourceConfig = new CyberSource.Clients.Configuration();
_cyberSourceConfig.ConnectionLimit = -1;
_cyberSourceConfig.KeyFilename = "setting for key file"
_cyberSourceConfig.KeysDirectory = "path to keys directory"
_cyberSourceConfig.MerchantID = "My merchant id"
_cyberSourceConfig.SendToProduction = false;
_cyberSourceConfig.ServerURL = "";

Your code specifically shows us that you know the filename! If you do not, then you should show us your exact code, we should not make assumptions that what you've posted is not really what your issue is. Also I'd have expected that filename to be Le PROBLÈME avec le XIAOMI MI 11 (Test) (2).mp4, not Le PROBLE`ME avec le XIAOMI MI 11 (Test) (2).mp4, which suggests that your issue is related to not using a codepage which includes that character. Please make your ammendments within the question area itself using the edit button echat, do not include specifics like that within the comment area. omeglz