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You can use flexible tokens for credit cards with the payment API. How do you do that?

Hi there,
CyberSource is new to me, so I'm trying to figure it out.

Using CyberSource's Secure Acceptance Flexible Token API, you can tokenize a credit card client-side.

That part is pretty straightforward. It is documented well and there are a few packages that do it.

What is the process for creating a charge using a CyberSource Payments API token?

Several examples show how to tokenize the card on the client and how to charge an untokenized card (i.e. card data is sent to the server), but none show how to charge using the Flexible token (or pre-auth).

CyberSource doesn't seem to provide that information, unlike most other gateways such as Stripe.

Is there something I'm missing?

Although I use Node, I am comfortable with solutions in other languages as well.