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CIM - CreateCustomerProfile fails to create profile

I'm new to CIM and when I try to execute CreateCustomerProfile it always comes back with null values and ID of 0; no profile is created. Here's a snippet. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I appreciate the help!


           Service srv = new Service();
            MerchantAuthenticationType mt = new MerchantAuthenticationType();
            CustomerProfileType pt = new CustomerProfileType();
            CreateCustomerProfileResponseType pr = new CreateCustomerProfileResponseType();
   = "xxxxxxx";
            mt.transactionKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxx";
            pt.description = "Test Account";
   = "";
            pt.merchantCustomerId = "1001";

            pr = srv.CreateCustomerProfile(mt, pt, ValidationModeEnum.liveMode);


Who Me Too'd this topic