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difference between and direct post in magento

Hi, my account has just been activated earlier today and I have my magento shop almost ready to launch.  The issue I'm having is I cannot seem to get the to display as a payment option when I enable from the admin panel.  I notice that  if I enable direct post it will show but I do not have a Merchant MD5 key so it declines test transactions.  I would rather use as the way to go but I can also fall back on direct post if that is the only way to display the credit card fields on check out page.   Can someone explain the difference between the two payment methods?


Another thing I noticed is that when I enter in the API Login id and the Transaction Key in the respective fields and then press save, the password 'dots' that represent the characters I entered always show '6' dots in each field.  Is this correct?  Shouldn't it be showing the number of dots related to number of characters in Transaction Key and API Login Id?  Thanks for help.  Charles

Who Me Too'd this topic