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CIM: Refunds

I've successfully tested both SALE and VOID transactions using the CIM SDK code samples and they work as expected.


With Refund transactions, though, I ran into an odd issue.


When trying to perform a Refund on a CIM Sale transaction, I'm getting the following error message back:


"Customer Profile ID and Customer Payment Profile ID OR masked Credit Card Number OR masked ABA Routing Number and masked Bank Account Number are required."


When Crediting a CIM Sale transaction, I'm sending the CustomerProfileID, CustomerPaymentProfileID, Amount, TransID.


I'm also passing in some order-related details (invoice number and description) for the refund as well as the same extra options as on my Sale/Void transactions, which is "x_delim_data=True&x_relay_response=False&x_delim_char=,&x_encap_char=|"


I double-checked the CIM guide and it says that CreditCardNumberMasked does not need to be included, but will be validated if it is included.


Through experimentation, I found that the only way I could get the Refund transaction to go through, however, was to include the CustomerProfileID, CustomerPaymentProfileID, TransID, *AND* the CreditCardNumberMasked.


Has anyone else run into this before? Is it a known bug/feature? Or is it just something odd in my implementation?

Who Me Too'd this topic