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CVV Not working



I'm a new member and I'm working on setting up my shopping cart.  An customer support  representative suggested I read/post questions here.


I can not get my CVV to work properly.  At this time I've made three transaction which I do see in my unsettled report.  But when I use my credit card and I do not put in my CCV number (or use the wrong number) the transaction still processes.  I was asked if I receive an error message, which I do not. I want to make sure that the CVV is working  properly.  What steps would you recommend I take?


I looked at my add-on module (version Id: authorizenet.php,v 1.4 2004/03/05 00:36:42 ccwjr Exp) and I have enabled the last option which is:


"Enable CCV code
Do you want to enable ccv code checking?



I have it set to "True".  But the card will still process without the number.


Thank you,


Who Me Too'd this topic