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Integration Question (Android Mobile with Windows Server)

We have a custom Android applicatoin that we use on mobile devices to check people in to our system.  It communicates with a local Windows server via web services.  We would like to be able to take payments on the mobile device in the following way:

  • Person walks up to someone with our mobile check-in device.
  • Employee swipes credit card for a set pre-authorization amount.
  • Android device sends card data to local webserver via web services (C#).
  • Local server runs pre-authorization on and responds to android device with success/fail.

My question is, how best to accomplish this?  We do not want the mobile devices talking with directly (they don't have internet access).  We need to remain PCI compliant.  Is there a swiper that will encrypt data in a way that will accept encrypted or do we need to use a swiper that will give us unencrypted track1/track2 data to send to  I just bought a uDynamo swiper and it looks like the Android SDK will give me encrypted data - but it looks like wants the data decrypted.


All suggestions are welcome.



Brett Jones

Who Me Too'd this topic