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Card Type Missing from Java Reporting API Result

We are using the Java API to retrieve transaction details so that we can build some custom reports for our customers.


During the process of building out one of the reports, I noticed that the CardType was always coming back as unknown.


That issue turned out to be because of the following line of the net.authorize.reporting.Result:


creditCard.setCardType(CardType.findByValue(getElementText(credit_card_el, AuthNetField.ELEMENT_ACCOUNT_TYPE.getFieldName())));


which pulls the "accountType" value out of the message and then maps it to a CardType value. The problem is that on a credit transaction, the value comes from this field "cardType".


So, I added a new value to the AuthNetField enum:




And then changed the line above to be:


creditCard.setCardType(CardType.findByValue(getElementText(credit_card_el, AuthNetField.ELEMENT_CARD_TYPE.getFieldName())));


Please update the Java API at your earliest convenience so that I can run against an official version.


Also, please take a look at the fix I submitted for the missing for incorrect shipping/billing information in the java reporting sdk.

Who Me Too'd this topic