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Fatal error: Class 'Goetas\Xsd\XsdToPhp\Jms\Handler\BaseTypesHandler' not found

Here is the situation:


I'm trying to build a custom report with the API for my client.  I do not have SSH access, so I'm trying to load the SDK over FTP.  


Initially I tried just loading the SDK files from github, but could not get that to work.  Finally, I loaded composer on a different server, installed the SDK with composer, copied down the 'vendor' directory and loaded that into my project.


Now, I get this error:


Fatal error: Class 'Goetas\Xsd\XsdToPhp\Jms\Handler\BaseTypesHandler' not found in /path/to/project/vendor/authorizenet/authorizenet/lib/net/authorize/api/controller/base/ApiOperationBase.php on line 79

According to, there was an open issue for this exact problem but it has been closed.  However, I can't find anything on how the issue was resolved.


EDIT:  Found the closed ticket on github.  LINK


Just for fun, here is the code I'm trying to run:


error_reporting(-1); ini_set('display_errors', 'On');

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use net\authorize\api\contract\v1 as AnetAPI;
use net\authorize\api\controller as AnetController; 

$start_datetime 	= "";
$end_datetime 		= "";
$start 			= '2016-05-01 00:00:00';
$end 			= '2016-05-31 00:00:00';

function create_authnet_timestamp($userdate){
	$stamp 		= strtotime($userdate);
	$date 		= date("Y-m-d", $stamp);
	$time 		= date("H:i:s", $stamp);
	$datetime 	= $date."T".$time."Z";
	return $datetime;

if($start != '' && $start != NULL && is_real_date($start) ){ 
	$start_datetime = create_authnet_timestamp($start);

if($end != '' 	&& $end != NULL   && is_real_date($end) ){ 
	$end_datetime 	= create_authnet_timestamp($end);

function getSettledBatchList($startDate, $endDate) {
	$api_id 	= "MY_API_ID";
	$account_key 	= "MY_TRANSACTION_ID";
	$batch_array 	= array();
	$start_dt 	= new DateTime($startDate);
	$end_dt 	= new DateTime($endDate);

	$merchAuth 	= new AnetAPI\MerchantAuthenticationType();

	$request	= new AnetAPI\GetSettledBatchListRequest();

	$controller 	= new AnetController\GetSettledBatchListController($request);
	$response 	= $controller->executeWithApiResponse( \net\authorize\api\constants\ANetEnvironment::SANDBOX);

	if(($response != null) && ($response->getMessages()->getResultCode() == "Ok")){
		return $response;
	    $errorMessages = $response->getMessages()->getMessage();
	    echo "Response : " . $errorMessages[0]->getCode() . "  " .$errorMessages[0]->getText() . "\n";
	    return false;
$api_response 		= getSettledBatchList($start_datetime, $end_datetime);




I'm starting to pull my hair out a little.  Can anyone help?


Who Me Too'd this topic