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Webhooks + ARB Declines

Over the last week or so I have begun developing a transaction reporting system for a digital accounting system, and have noticed some oddities or gaps in the webhooks regarding ARB transactions that get declined.  


At first, and after reviewing a few topics on this forum, I just enabled the "

net.authorize.payment.authcapture.created" webhook to receive event data, but that only appears to return successful/approved transaction event responses (for both ARBs and new transactions).  I then added the "net.authorize.customer.subscription.suspended" webhook into my application, and now I am receiving event data for my ARBs that are declined and are moved into "suspended" status.  However, I still have zero visibility on either webhook regarding regular ARB transactions that fail or go into "under review" status; is there another webhook I need to be consuming in order to see these as well?  The primary purpose of the accounting app behind this is to fully automate the transaction reporting so that my client doesn't have to copy/paste transaction or subscription Id's out of email receipts into a web form tied to's API, so any information on how to achieve the above would be really helpful!


Thank you in advance!



Who Me Too'd this topic