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Linking multiple MIDs with multiple CIM profiles

I have a client with 10 accounts (merchantID/MIDs). This client has roughly 600 CIM profiles across those 10 MIDs. They want to be able to capture funds against any given CIM and link the transaction to the MID of their choice. For example, suppose there's a MID "XYZ" with a linked CIM "ABC". At some point they want to charge the CIM "ABC", but link that transaction to one of their other MIDs, say "DEF". In other words they want to link a CIM profile card capture to an authnet account that the CIM profile was not created against.


I have told the client this is not possible. My understanding is that a CIM profile's transaction can only be linked to the authnet account (MID) that created it.


But I'm open to learn new things, and would love to go back and save the deal. Is there any way to accomplish this? If so, how?

Who Me Too'd this topic