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Can we get entire TransactionDetailsResponse in one JSON string?

I'm a newbie to integration. I am invoking hosted payment page from my application and getting a Webhook for the authorize/capture. Given the transID in the Webhook, I send a getTransactionDetailsRequest. The code I'm using is similar to the online examples, where I:

1. instantiate a getTransactionDetailsRequest (call it <my_request>)

2. fill in the MerchantAuthentiation and TransId

3. instantiate new GetTransactionDetailsController(<my_request>)

4. call the execute() method on the controller

5. load the response into a response object via getAPIResponse()


Question: is there a way to convert or retrieve that entire response in JSON format, like you see in the API Reference "Try It" examples? I will want to pull certain fields (InvoiceNumber, Amount, etc.) from the response to do further processing, but I'd also like to take the entire response and store it in a log file.


Thanks in advance for anyone's help!


Who Me Too'd this topic