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customerProfileId not allowed in hostedPaymentPaymentOptions settings?

According to, when doing a getHostedPaymentPageReqest, the setting hostedPaymentPaymentOptions can look like this: 



{"cardCodeRequired": false, "showCreditCard": true, "showBankAccount": true, "customerProfileId": true}



However, if I put that in, I get an error that the SETTING can only by 100 characters long. (the supplied string is 104 chars long)


So, I then tried by REMOVING the 'double quotes' around each property name, and got the following error:

Property 'customerProfileId' has not been defined and the schema does not allow additional properties. Line 1, position 89.


So I think to myself "Ok, I can be smart and remove the defaults, just bring in my change."

So I try sending just 

'{"customerProfileId": true}'


and get the same error about "Property 'customerProfileId' has not been defined...etc'.


This is clearly outlined on the link at the start of this post as being acceptable.


What am I doing wrong?


Also, could the 100 char limit be upped to 150, just in case someone wants to change ALL the defaults?




Who Me Too'd this topic