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Trouble Integrating Payment Gateway with WPForms - Need Assistance

I've been working on setting up a credit card payment page using WPForms on my WordPress site, and I've run into a bit of a hitch. I'm hoping someone in this community might have some insights or solutions.I've created a form using WPForms to collect user Accessing credit card information on mobile details for a seamless payment process. However, I'm struggling with integrating a payment gateway to process these transactions securely.I've tried to follow the documentation provided by WPForms, but I'm still encountering some difficulties. The payment page isn't functioning as expected, and I'm concerned about the security of sensitive credit card information.Has anyone here successfully set up a credit card payment page using WPForms? Are there specific steps or best practices you'd recommend for integrating a payment gateway effectively and securely?I'd greatly appreciate any advice, insights, or even recommendations for trusted payment gateways that work well with WPForms. It's important to me that my users have a seamless and secure payment experience.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Who Me Too'd this topic