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Processing a Google Pay payment - error - CONSUMER_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED

Hi all, 

I'm integrating Google Pay into a single page application following the documentation linked here:

What I have done so far:

  • Implemented the Google Pay button on the client application following this documentation:
  • I've joined Googles group for test cards to use in Google Pay
  • I'm receiving the response containing the tokenized data
  • Sending the response to my API
  • Encoded the tokenizedData.token and populated a request body to send to this endpoint:
  • Successfully generating HTTP Signatures for my request, using merchant details from the cybersource enterprise business centre (Was previously receiving 401 status code initially, but now receiving 201)

The trouble I am having is when I call the Process a Payment endpoint found in the documentation here: , I am receiving the following response body:


      "message":"The cardholder is enrolled in Payer Authentication. Please authenticate the cardholder before continuing with the transaction."
         "name":"Kount Profile",
         "selectorRule":"Default Active Profile"


 Can anyone advise me what I need to do with this response? I'm not sure what it is asking me to do, and I do not find anything related to this in the documentation. I know that there are the Payer Authentication endpoints, found here: , but I'm not sure if I need them, which I need if I do.

Any help would be great thank you. 


Who Me Too'd this topic