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Hi, I want to know about eCheck Functionality. Actually I've implemented the eCheck functionality. Now I need to know is it works for US banks only or it works for all banks in world. Or how can I identify that eCheck will work for which bank? (Merch...
Hi, I need help regarding ACH. My Client say just I need to implement ACH but I don't have any idea about this where from I need to start? 1) What is ACH?2) Which API I need to use?3) ACH is similiar than other like CIM, ARB integration.4) What shoul...
Hi, I've done integration with CIM by API. Now I can create customer profile and do transaction. When I hit API for transaction and transaciton type is oauthcapture then authorize send me result of that request with seccuss. I want to know that the r...
Hi, I have develop the code for ARB in salesforce. Now I have some quesitons which are listed below. 1) In ARB can we configure currency type when creating a new Subscription.If yes than which element I need to add in XML.if no then how can we give t...
Hi , I want to know that what is the difference between DPM and AIM. 1) If I am not wrong in DPM we are creating a form in which user enter the card info. But what about AIM, Do we need tocreate a Form and when user click on submit button than this f...
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