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I have a Laravel project webpage that includes a hosted payment form and a hosted profile form. Both are using iFrames and they both work in that they generate payments when submitting the payment form and create/remove payment profiles using the pro...
I am switching from Accept.js to Accept Customer to reduce our SAQ requirements and one of the PHP functions I am borrowing is from getAcceptCustomerProfilePage()I basically understand what it is doing but when I attempt to set the hostedProfileCardC...
I have developed an online payment page using PHP and jQuery that allows both CIM payment submissions as well manual credit card entry.I have no problems submitting the CIM payments to the sandbox but when I use the exact same merchantAuthenticationT...
Since I have implemented the Accept.js in our payment terminal we have been getting up to 33% error rate from our clients using it - some have tried a couple times with no success and others have had periodic success. I can't seem to track any patter...
I am trying to follow the PHP example found in example update-customer-payment-profile.php to update an existing payment profile's credit card expiration but the example is not clear on how to do it...
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