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When I got this message I read all the posts on it, but then I went back to the docs: described a Client Public Key that was not yet created for the Me...
getHostedPaymentPageRequest.transactionRequest defines a property/object "customer" is consistently returning an error.An option to get around this error is to use createCustomerProfileRequest, and the response value for customerProfileId. Then pass ...
I read every previous post on IFrame Communicator, read the documentation, but had to use the DEVELOPER TOOLS, debugging features of CHROME, and also very importantly a "posted messaging monitor" that would show the line code execution when the poste...
In the IFrame Communicator javascript code posted by Authorize Net, at the time when receiveMessage(event) function is called with the result of the submitting the payment information the window.parent.parent.CommunicationHandler is not defined.On th...
I have the getHostedPaymentPageRequest working, with the exception of receiving and processing the response in the container form.The container page below shows the "switch" on params when action is "transactResponse". This case does not execute as I...
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