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So what are these programs, what do they entail and what are they worth? Someone important should put up information in this topic so I can go after some of this certifications!

KneeSkrap3r (Phil Gapp)
Monster Studios

Hi Kneeskrap3r,


Great question, thanks for asking....


Our Certified Solution Program gives you an opportunity to have your e-commerce development skills or solutions presented to online merchants. Thousands of current Authorize.Net merchants and prospective merchants visit the directories to learn more about some of the amazing solutions that have already integrated and certified with Authorize.Net.


We offer certified partner opportunities for Developers, Hosting and Solution providers.  It is simple and free to apply for any of the certification programs. When you have completed the required steps your company will be listed as an approved Authorize.Net solution partner and listed and presented to merchants via our online partner directories.  

If you would like to learn more or begin the certification process please visit:



Manager of Business Development, Authorize.Net



I was curious, what is actually tested during the integration process?  Is the application being submitted actually tested against the API?  Can you provide any type of assurance the application works?  If I were to submit a shopping cart or application for certification would it actually be installed and tested whether it was a Windows or Linux environment?

Hey Programmingeek,


Welcome and thank you for joining the community, we're happy to have you here and look forward to your contributions.  You bring up a really great question regarding certification.


Authorize.Net wants to do all that we can to support third-party solutions and developers that integrate to our gateway.  We offer both our technical and channel resources to foster partnering opportunities.  The certification program is quite simple.  During the certification process we look at the Authorize.Net APIs that you have integrated.  Based on your target market (card-not-present ecommerce or card-present) we ask you to provide transaction Test Cases for the market type.  If your app can be used by merchants in both market types, you'll need to fulfill the requirements for each market type.  You can expect to provided us with at least four test transactions for both e-commerce and card-present certification. 


Because we are only testing your integration to Authorize.Net APIs there is no need for us to install the shopping cart or application and it does not make a difference if the app is running in a Windows or Linux environment.