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I want to post my own picture


Hi jkirkerx,


Thanks for your message. The community allows for numerous Rank levels, but all new members start out as, well, New Members. Over time, as you spend time on the site and contribute with new posts, your rank will change. Additional functionality, such as being able to add an avatar will become available with higher rankings.


As for what the rank structure is, and how you achieve new ranks...well we want there to be some serendipity.


Thanks for being a member of our community.



Administrator Administrator

LOL! What a great question and an even better answer!


Here's digging a little deeper: Could you guys at least give us more than a terrible, small and generic selection, even as noobs!? ...please :(  ? If not I'm sure I'll survive... maybe...


I mean really, it is hard to take the Admins and Mods seriously with those negative-brown-art-SUVs and stuff! Thank you for hearing out my rant.

KneeSkrap3r (Phil Gapp)
Monster Studios

Hey Phil,


Great question. I'm checking into it now to see if it's possible to get more avatars added into the current selection. I'll let you know what I find out, as soon as I find out. So stay tuned.


Oh, and thanks for complimenting my own avatar in the post on the certification programs board. Gotta love Pink Floyd right? :smileyvery-happy:


Thanks for being a community member! We hope you're enjoying it so far.



Authorize.Net Developer Community Manager

I could contribute some upon request just let me know.

Michael Cruz
Spartadata CEO
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Oh, Pink Floyd....I was wondering why that avatar looked familar to me! Love it...:smileyvery-happy:


It would be indeed nice to have more icons to choose from.

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