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So what do you think about this community of ours? Or Authorize.Net in general? Suggestions for improvement, as well as kudos on what you do like, are always welcome.

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Error when calling

Thank you for calling If you want to wait, press 1If you want to wait more, press 2If you want no response at all, press 3 Can they do a better job?

Possible Error in DPM Documentation

I believe I found an error in the for the DPM API and I wasn't sure where to report it. On page 12 of the pdf, the transaction id is added to the redurect URL using '$response->getTra...

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Navigational Menus above...

The nav menus above are boken, at least for me, when I am in the community domain. They appear to be relatively pathed, and dont know if anyone else has noticed.... Im using IE 8 just now to browse them. ___________________________________Kudos is al...

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Change Request for ReportingGuide_XML.pdf Documentation

To Whom it May Concern: Reason for Request- correction of typo within the reporting guide xml document.Location of Typo- page 30 of 57 within the ReportingGuide_XML.pdfChange Request- "accountumber" should read "accountNumber" under "bankAccount" res...

Queries regarding !!

I have some queries regarding :- 1 ) Does it accept credit card issued by indian bank?2) How much fees it charges?3) Does users need to have a account?4) Does users need to go to in between transaction?5) W... Reseller

I am trying to get a merchant account for I have called several resellers, but none of them have returned my call including wells fargo. Is no one interrested in my business ? Please help. I want a reseller wtih good customer service a...

Changes to SIM - undocumented, unexpected, not appreciated!

I just want to express my ever increasing frustration with over some recent changes that have been appearing with SIM. These changes have been brought up in various threads under Integration and Testing and include: amount returned with... enforces TOS based on Dollar Volumes? does not allow internet tobacco sales, right? 2. LAWFUL USE.You agree that You will not at any time conduct Your business in any manner that directly or indirectly offers, sells, leases, licenses ...


Simple Checkout improvement request

I found the simple checkout really simple to implement and its a great feature. We are a service company that really doesn't have fixed prices so we chose to implement using the 'Donation' feature so that clients could type the amount of their Bill w...

Using a fake CC number in test mode

I just recently used for the first time. I really love how easy was to implement and test. My only wish is that there would be a way to send through a fake credit card number that validates and approves the transaction. I ...

Useless Customer Service

Has anyone else experienced the frustration of calling the help center and receiving absolutely no help at all? I called and said, "I'm having difficulties implementing the SOAP ARB interface." The customer service representative asked, "What is SOAP...

Code highlighting or code blocks?

Is it possible to configure this forum software to either highlight code snippets or otherwise display them in a block? That would make posting/reading code much easier.

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Dear sir

This message has been moved to the Integration and Testing board.

Edit posts Solved

Is it possible to increase the amount of time allotted to editing a post? It seems to be in the 5 minute range. For people like me who forget to add something and come back shortly thereafter to add it, or fix spelling errors, 5 minutes sometimes isn...

I'm green?

Does this mean I'm environmentally friendly? :p Or does it mean I hit a milestone of some sort?


The Integration and Testing Forum needs SubCategories for each Integration Method. With each Subcategory I would create a couple of sticky posts for quick reference to limit duplicate postings/questions. AIM (Advanced Integration Method) # Response C...

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More control over read/unread Solved

Currently, one can mark all messages as read or unread only on a whole-forum level and then only by scrolling to the bottom of the page of the main community listing. I would like the ability to set individual sections as read with a button or dropdo...

Founder icon

Personally, I think the founder icon is pretty aesthetically unappealing. Why not make some nice small logo-icons and have "founder" be the mouseover text instead?


Commercial Plugs

If I've missed it, I apologize, but what is the forum policy on commercial plugs? Now, I don't have any particular axe to grind here, I'm just curious. Obviously there are going to be folks here that have solutions they're (justifiably) proud of and ...



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This Forum Will Be Worlds Of Help!

I just want to say thanks to Authorize.Net for putting up a forum. This is a fantastic idea and will be a place to get help directly from people using and integrating Authorize.Net services every day! This is going into my favorites and I look forwar...