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So what do you think about this community of ours? Or Authorize.Net in general? Suggestions for improvement, as well as kudos on what you do like, are always welcome.

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Issues with Saved Credit Cards

Hi All- In Sandbox Testing- we are running into 2 issues. When the i-frame from our webpage opens and the end user is to type in a credit card information, we are requiring the 'Save Credit Card information for the future' button to be selected. We a...


Hosted Payment Page Failure Transaction Handling

Hi, We are getting the transaction details response when payment was successfull.But some failure scenarios like decilned,max amount limit excceed,insufficient funds etc.. In those cases always errors are handled on Hosted Payment Page itslef ?or do ...


Feedback on AFDS/Fraud Management on Authorize.Net

Hello Community, We would love to hear your feedback on AFDS as it is today, what you would like to see in an updated Risk/Fraud management feature and what you like/don't like about other fraud solutions out there. As this is a developer community w...

Need Help With CIM Website Connection!

I have a new website with AUTHORIZE.NET CIM payment module fully installed, using accept.js and tokenization for their payment profiles. Testing shows it's working great for new customers. My challenge is with old customers. Up to now I have been man...


An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Hello. I'm trying to fix my test requests. For now when I'm sending a request to the '' I'm getting an exception. [SocketException (0x2746): An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host...

Blogs gone. Okay to re-post articles?

Since it looks like the blogs are no more I have been receiving multiple emails requesting to access to them again. Would it be okay if I re-post the articles I wrote on my personal blog so others can continue to read them?

Fingerprint blind spot?

I'm just getting started integrating the SIM API. I was reading through the SIM guide (the January 2016 version), and I noticed that the x_fp_hash value only covers the login ID, sequence number, timestamp, amount, and optionally currency code. It do...

Localizing HostedForm and DirectPostMethod?

Hi Everyone, I am trying to build a localized ShoppingCart using the HostedForm and DirectPostMethod AuthorizeNet implementations. My goal is to support en-ca, en-us, fr-ca, es-us, es-mx; north america plus mexico. q-1) Is this possible with these pr...

WooCommerce DPM Gateway

This is my feedback on using the gateway in WooCommerce. There is little / no support available and two plugins with little explanation of what each one does. This is an issue when trying to resolve compliance issues. I was about to lea...

save credit card from client side

there any way to save credit card info from client side? please let me know have any jquery,javascript libery for save crdit card info.

Product announcement forum removed? Solved

A while back there was a forum dedicated to allowing user to postproduct announcments related to their products that integrated Authoeirze.Net's APIs. I don't see it and just wanted to confirm it no longer exists. And if there is a plce where someone...


New Model Feedback > We’re introducing the new model as "supplementary" at this time and we would appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you really think! After one of your developers redirected me to this 'supplementary S...


Communication Error

Hello,I am writing this hear as I am not sure where else to write it.My problem is the following:I have instances, when attempting a charge via the Customer Information API, where I receive a "Communication Error". Each time this happens something di...

Hotel need to verify credit cards. Where to start? Wordpress plugin

I want to verify a customer's card without taking a payment and capture their information. Where is the best place to start? We are making a new wordpress website, so a simple plugin would probably be ideal. I'm a developer, but don't really want to ...


Question regarding the SIM Guide, dated May 2014 Solved

Hi, Just thought I would forward something I saw that struck me as odd. It may be that I'm misreading things and trying to do something incorrectly, but for what it's worth... On page 29 at the bottom it suggests I can pre-load any of the fields duri...

Documentation for Error Codes?

In I receive a resultCode field and below that, a code in the format "I00001" (for successful request). e.g.OkI00001Successful.But for certian errors it's different. For example the duplicate transaction error is "E00027", but it doesn't seem to be ...


Edit posts

Hello,i need to edit some messages i posted some weeks ago but it is not possible.How come ?I mean, how do i edit or delete them now ?Bye.

New API features changelog Solved

Do Authorize.Net API features ever get updated? I've seen a number of mentions of feature requests, lists and priorities in the forums, but it seems the APIs never change. If they do change, is there a changelog to be found?


Service Status - Transparency Please

When there are service outages at Authorize.Net, it seems that the only place the outage is acknowledged is on Twitter. For example, there was an "issue ... affecting some merchants" ackowledged yesterday on Twitter:


API Reference Guide (Beta) Discussion

We have listened closely to developer feedback about our API documentation and as a result, we have developed a new online guide for XML API reference information. This new guide is currently in a beta phase. This guide is designed to reduce the amou...

Authorize.NET PHP SDK Bugs

On parse an AuthorizeNet SIM Response property invoice_number always NULL @package AuthorizeNet@subpackage AuthorizeNetSIM AuthorizeNetSIM.php#41 Need to update $map array with:'invoice_number' => 'x_invoice_num','transaction_type' => 'x_type','zip_c...