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Queries regarding !!

I have some queries regarding :-


1 )  Does it accept credit card issued by indian bank?

2) How much fees it charges?

3) Does users need to have a account?

4) Does users need to go to in between transaction?

5) Where does the credit card information saved? data center or Merchant's data center. 


Hi tauquir,


1. To have an Authorize.Net account, you must have a U.S.-based merchant account.

2. You can review our pricing here.

3. Yes, you must have an Authorize.Net account as well as a merchant account to process payments. However, your customers do not have to have an account. They simply pay using their credit card.

4. Authorize.Net can handle the transaction for you by collecting the data using our secure servers. This method is called SIM. Or you can collect the data and pass it on to us yourselves, as long as you are PCI DSS compliant. This method is called AIM.

5. Credit card data can be stored locally on the merchant's server as long as they are PCI DSS compliant, or you can store your customer's credit card data on Authorize.Net's secure servers using CIM.





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