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Status: Accepted

Right now, connection details logged from HttpUtility at the debug level include a great deal of useful information along with


- the api login and transaction key

- full dump of the xml request including unmasked credit card number, expiration date, etc.


Can we move the logging of these two items to a separately-configurable logger like "HttpUtility-sensitive"?


I'd like to see the api login and transaction key logging go away completely from the HttpUtility output.


ideally, I'd like to see the xml request filtered to not show any <payment> information beyond a generic  <creditCard> output.  (I suppose masked credit card number would be acceptable).


I think it would also be wise to not output <billTo> information nor <customer> information with the non-sensitive-data logger other than  <customer><id> even though this is not strictly required by PCI DSS.


We want to log when transactions occur with enough context to know what those transactions are without making our logs a security risk.



Here's a trivial implementation which only moves logging of both the request and the merchant authentication keys to a separate logger and makes no attempt to provide non-sensitive request logging.


Status changed to: Accepted
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