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Status: Under Review

We are successfully using the Authorize Accept hosted forms but we have a couple pain points that perhaps might be fixed on Authorize's end. We're not using the iFrame implementation and are sending visitors to the hosted form where when they complete a transaction it takes them to an Authorize hosted Thank you message and a button in the top right to go back to our website.


What we would love to happen is the visitor bounces off our site to Authorize to complete the transaction and instead of displaying the Authorize final page, it would email the receipt and redirect the visitor to our site where we could display a more robust thank you message. It appears this is only possible with the iFrame method but could it be engaged for the non-iFrame implementation as well?


If that is not possible, could we have the option to move that upper right button so that it gets more focus. Right now, we have our button titled "Complete transaction" (even though the transaction is technicaly already complete) because we rely on people clicking it to send them a more stylized and formal "thank you" for their donation. If we can't automatically redirect a donor to our page, making that button more prominent would help to ensure people are returning to our site.


Thanks for any updates!

Status changed to: Under Review
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I need this too.


We have the implementation working fine in redirect, but the owner wants the receipt page bypassed.  I am developing the iFrame implementation as I can, but the preference would certainly be to keep the redirect implementation.