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Status: Delivered

I suggest its good if we can send parameters and enable/disable payment options (credit card/bank account) in "Get an Accept Payment Page" API request. Adding to that it would be nice if we can control credit card types (VISA/MASTER/AMEX/etc.) as well.  Then user can only pay using allowed credit card type if it is a credit card payment.

Status changed to: Accepted
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Status changed to: Delivered
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Hi @Sandun


While we haven't yet updated the Accept Hosted documentation to reflect this, we've just barely updated Accept Hosted to support exactly what you're describing.


In the hostedPaymentPaymentOptions setting, you now can pass two additional Boolean parameters. showBankAccount and showCreditCard can be sent to direct which payment types to make available on the form. The default parameters for both if they are not sent is "true".


The documentation should be updated to reflect this within the next couple of weeks.