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Status: Under Review

We would like to be able to bill our clients in one currency, and have the funds settled into our account in another.  


As an example, we would like to charge our UK clients in GBP, and then have the funds converted, and deposited into our Australian bank account in AUD. I think it's important that our clients always know exactly how much will be deducted from their credit cards, as opposed to having it fluctuate each month based on that days exchange rate.


I contacted to see if they offer this service, and they suggested that I post the suggestion here. If this option was available, we would be happy to have multiple accounts - one for each country/currency that we have clients



Status changed to: Under Review
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Billing in one currency and settling in another is a process where a business can bill a customer in one currency, and then settle the payment in a different currency. This process is often used when a customer and a business are located in different countries and the customer's currency is different from the business' currency. In this situation, the customer pays in their currency, and the business converts the payment to its own currency. This process can be beneficial for businesses as it allows them to take advantage of favorable exchange rates and save money on international transactions. It also allows businesses to accept payments from customers around the world.