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The integration forum is getting inundated with spam and bots. Can we have a “mark as spam” button to get rid of them? Ideally the agents IP address could be blocked once marked as spam.

I believe something similar to this already exists. In this thread, in any post, in the upper right hand corner is a dropdown box with the words "IDEA OPTIONS". If you click that dropdown the last one listed is "Report Inappropriate Content". 


I'm seeing the samething you are, lots of fake A.Net accounts posting spam and nobody from A.Net doing anything about it.

... the irony of a spam response to this post is not lost! Now if only those spam bots would upvote this idea....

Hi there, as well all know spammers are a very creative bunch. Look at this guy, adammary who tries to write the post so that it sounds like a legit question. Is it possible that a 'mark as spam button' be added to the forum. Even if it just for the person that started the thread. At least that way we can flag this for removal? Thanks   








official website

"Report Inappropriate Content" is the solution  dnd5echaractersheet Naruto Filler List



Yes its a serious demand in these days every website need this feature and if you work on it you will receive lot of rewards as you can see my blog here I also wanna ad this button.


yes you can create it, “mark as spam button to get rid of them? 


Yes, I should create a "mark as spam" button for this site now a days many peoples do spam on every site. Before a few days ago I add the mark spam button on my assignment writing service site. We provide the best writing service in the whole UAE. 


I think, spam is a problem because it clogs up email servers and makes it difficult for people to find the messages they are looking for. It can also be a security risk, as malicious emails can contain viruses or links to phishing websites. To combat spam, users can install spam filters or use email providers that offer filtering services. 


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